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Interaction Network in Human Samples BioGRID String in table String in image String Version MINT (the Molecular INTeraction database)
Expression analysis COMPARTMENTS (Subcellular localization) The Human Protien Atlas (protein and RNA-seq) GEPIA (RNA-seq) in TCGA GTEx (RNA-seq) in Normal Samples HCMD (RNA-seq) in GEO for cancer metastasis Single cell spatially resolved transcriptomes for ACE2 in human ACE2 Gene expression data in anumals
Methylation analysis in Human Samples MethHC MethCNA
Tumor-Infiltrating Immune Cells analysis in Human Samples TIMER(Tumor IMmune Estimation Resource)
Extend link MutationMapper Oncoprinter GliomaDB(Glioma Omics Data and Interactive Analysis) OncoKB(cancer gene alterations) exoRBase(human blood exosomes) ACE2 Netlas